Biobased, Plant-based – What Do They Mean?

Biobased, Plant-based – What Do They Mean?

Biosourcedgold formulated herbal? Do you know the difference?
These terms probably seem familiar to you. It is likely that you will hear moreand
more use by the brands that use them to describe their products. You may have even
noticed the USDA certified organic product label on many of our packaging. But
what does biosourced and herbal mean? And how and why measure their quantities? More
importantly, what do these terms and figures mean to you, the consumer?

We help you to see more clearly.

Bio-based products are those derived from “plants and other agricultural, marine and
renewable forest materials” as opposed to non-renewable materials such as petroleum. So
when we say that our products are herbal, it simply means that plants
are the main bio-based resource we used to make them. In fact, we have
a complete glossary of ingredients that helps explain the terms we use.

The USDA’s BioPreferred program was established by the 2002 Farm Bill. Its goal is
to increase the amount of renewable resources used by businesses and
federal agencies and to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth by supporting the
new industries. In addition, the program is vital to the environmental health of our
planet because “the increased development, purchase and use of biobased products reduces
dependency on oil” [3] and further reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. As the
effects of climate change become more visible every day, this program has
never been as important as it is now.

When you see the USDA certified organic product label on seventh
generation products , this means that they contain the indicated percentage of material of biological origin,
as officially certified by the USDA. As you can imagine, the higher the percentage
, the greater the amount of renewable materials purchased to manufacture it. We
are proud to say that all Seventh Generation laundry and dishwashing products have an
organic production rate of 95% or greater, and we are constantly working to
reduce the amount of non-renewable resources we use. We are also
pleased that consumers can now compare
organic labels to determine the organic content of a product.

For us it’s a promise we make to do business in a way that nurtures and
supports the world around us, while making products that work – a
promise we’ve had for over 28 years.

In addition to our USDA Biobased certification, we are also seeking another
government award among the selected products – the Safer Choice label. The EPA Safer
Choiceprogram promotes safer cleaning products for you and the environment. This label informs consumers that some products are madewith
safer chemical ingredients without sacrificing cleaning performance.

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